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"Beauty and a butterfly" a bridal fashion editorial on Madeira Island

"Madeira Island is a jewel of the Atlantic Ocean" - this is what people form Madeira Island say. And I totally agree with them.

Madeira is blooming all year round, this hidden paradise is very special due to a tone of tropical greenery and flowers, green hills and mountains, rocks and wild ocean waves. Besides all of that, Madeira Island is a part of Portugal, full of history as well as continent.

For the editorial I've chosen a gorgeous historical palace, that is now managed by Belmond hotels and named "Reid's Palace, A Belmond Hotel Madeira".

While searching for inspiration for an editorial I remembered the painting "Beauty and a butterfly" by Vittorio Matteo Corcos (an Italian painter, famous by his portraits of young women). "Beauty and a butterfly" represents to me a woman's natural beauty, back to the origins, but also a connection of this beauty to Mother Nature, such geniously described by the painter in a single butterfly.

So here is my interpretation:

Check the whole result below and have a look at the amazing team:

Creative director & Stylist Halla Stylist

Floral design Decorelle

Photographer Alex Tome

Jewelry DARA Jewels

Makeup artist Nádia Ferreira

Hair stylist Lenis Gonçalves

Stationery In Love

Cookies designers Edelweiss

Models Mariana & Alexandra


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