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Bridal editorial at Quinta das Lagrimas with Gio Rodrigues

Quinta das Lagrimas, home of one the most beautiful love stories in Europe starring the

XIVth- century Prince Pedro and Inês de Castro. This couple lived a forbidden love affair kept

in hiding in this stunning royal property, situated in Coimbra city (200 km away from Lisbon,


Legend says Inês cried for the last time here while being pierced by the daggers of the killers

sent by Portuguese King Afonso, Pedro's father. And her blood tinted the stone where the

fountain's bed lays, created out of her tears, the same tears that lend the name to this

romantic estate, Quinta das Lágrimas (Portuguese for tears).

When D.Pedro became King of Portugal, he crowned Inês as Queen of Portugal – after her

death – and made everyone on court kiss her dying corpse. After, he killed the two soldiers

that murdered her (by his father command) by ripping their hearts out.

The team:

Creative direction, casting & styling Halla Stylist

Photographers Passionate

Wedding dresses Gio Rodrigues

Budoir Damadecopas

MUAH Vera Garcia


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