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Nicole Milano 2023 Collection & Interview at BBFW

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week - one of the most important events in bridal fashion industry. After COVID-19 problems that affected many events around the world, BBFW came back in April 2022 and became even bigger, more beautiful and powerful.

Halla Stylist was happy to attend BBFW and got inspired by many amazing bridal brands. And one of them, definitely, NICOLE Milano.

Founded in Italy in 1996 by Alessandra Rinaudo (nowadays a Chief Creative Director at Pronovias) NICOLE Milano brand is now managed by Alessandra's daughter, Nicole Cavallo (famous Italian influencer). Since 2018 the brand is a part of Pronovias Group.

Halla Stylist took a chance to talk a little bit with Nicole:

HS: Hello Nicole, nice to meet you! And congratulation with the beautiful show :)

NC: Hi, thank you :) Nice to meet you too!

HS: First of all I would like to ask how it feels being a part of Pronovias Group? Does it help the business to grow?

NC: It feels super good! Pronovias Group is a wonderful group of bridal fashion brands, that gives me a lot of opportunities to spread the brand around the world, which is very important for the future of Nicole Milano. Nicole Milano was born in Italy but with Pronovias group we are becoming an international brand and we are very happy about it.

HS: Can you please tell us a little bit about the dress creation process? Do you personally design the dresses?

NC: We design around 500 dresses per year so for sure we have a team who works on each process of dress creation, including a design. My job is the brand's image coordination, marketing. And definitely I do my best to make sure that the brand's idea is represented in all the designs.

HS: And where do you produce the dresses?

NC: We produce dresses all around the world, because there are some beading from India, other laces are from Italy, etc. So we take the best from each country to make sure that the collections are very international.

HS: What do you think is a difference between Nicole Milano and other bridal brands?

NC: I think Nicole Milano has a strong identity, because even if this is a young 25 years old brand but it has already developed a romantic but contemporary feminine style which is representing Italian design worldwide.

HS: I also want to ask you something personal, about relationships between you and your beautiful mother: do you compete?

NC: We have great relationships. Actually everything that I know about bridal industry I know from my mother. I'm making my path and she let me being creative and experiment new things, but she is always nearby to give support and share her knowledge. And not even to me, but to all the brands of our group.

Already this summer brides will find the new 2023 collection of Nicole Milano available for sale, this collection has been named a "Symphony of Arts".

Nicole Cavallo took inspiration from dance, architecture, sculpture, painting and photography. Nicole says: "Just as the arts bring aesthetic reality to creative ideas, Nicole Milano wedding dresses make emotions real through new expressions of elegance. I dedicate this collection to all women who recongnize the beauty in craft, skill and creativity.”

Across the collection, wedding dresses are imbued with Nicole Milano's modern, romantic essence expressed with new fabrics and contemporary, lightweight constructions that enhance the beauty and uniqueness of each bride.

Find below Halla Stylist's selection of the most beautiful gowns of Nicole Milano 2023.

Get inspired, future brides!


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